My name is Cory Casciato and I write things for money. I also write things for no money, and that is what you will find here: writing I have done that no one wants to give me real, American dollars for (or other currency; I am not picky). You might also find stuff here I wrote for money but now have the rights to and want to archive where my friends, family, and fans (as if) can find it.

Some of that will be political, some just random. A lot of it will be vulgar, or at least contain frequent vulgarities. Comments are welcome, but are always moderated. Dissenting viewpoints are welcome, but misogyny, hate speech, and threats of violence are never tolerated (okay, I might tolerate a small amount of hatred directed toward certain political pundits). If that’s a problem, fuck off and start your own blog, okay?

Also, images I find here are assumed to be Creative Commons licensed, public domain, or covered under fair use. If you own the copyright to any image used here and wish me to  remove it, you need but ask.

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  1. Found it! Now how do I start one? BTW I like the simplicity of your format. Also, I may ignore your information and just start one through google or other free site. If this will offend you, you can choose to not share your wisdom with me. 🙂 Also I assume since you moderate all comments, this won’t actually be posted on your site. Also I like your writing style. 🙂

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